Loneliness Your Humble Abode?

Do you feel lonely and low?

What if I tell you that you can be alone and not feel lonely?

Is your condition and circumstances making you low?

I get it but I will help you to see that your background does not mean your back should be on the ground.

Ok, that’s enough Roland, let’s jump into this life changing ebook I wrote for many people like you.

Many at times in life we all feel alone. I think it’s ok but what isn’t ok is to make it our humble abode.

I will tell you why I felt strongly about that.

Do you know the bible said that Jesus was lonely?

Do I hear you say you haven’t heard about that? You are probably right.

I know he didn’t put it that way but he said, Jesus was led by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil.

Wow! That means, what happen to us is not new, There is nothing new under the heavens.

We can get lots of clue if we can learn from Jesus in a lonely place.

It might help us to live above the pangs of loneliness snatching away the joys and happiness of many around the world.

Have you taken time to observe who Led Jesus into this lonely place?

Many at times we don’t take time to learn and observe what is happening in our lives. In the case of Jesus’, it was his Father through the Spirit.

At least we know who led him there. When you feel lonely, do you know who led you there?

Do you decide to walk into the lonely place by yourself? Was is it God that led you there? Perhaps its Satan?

Knowing who and what led you to your lonely place is key factor to your deliverance, joy and happiness in living a glorious happy life.

If we have to cure an illness it is essential we know its root causes.

Let me shock you; the reason Jesus wasn’t afraid to be in the wilderness was because it was God who led him there.

Wow! What on Earth is happening?

Why will a good God allow his spirit to lead his lovely good Son to the wilderness?

Was it not this Son he spoke about as a beloved son?

Not just any son but very pleased.

This is my beloved Son in whom I am well pleased.

Leading him to the wilderness is bad enough, allowing Satan to tempt him is beyond reasoning but that’s why he is God.

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Loneliness Your Humble Abode?

Dearly beloved, be strong and don’t give up.

Be comfortable in your own skin. Live your life. Don’t forget there are no spare lives. So, Live your life to the full and be happy while you stay different.

Roland Ogberigbe

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