Feeling Broken Inside? Hold On! God will Make A Way…

The challenges of life can be very overwhelming at times but we mustn’t give up but press on and hold on to the source of all life.

” God Will Make a Way when there seems to be no way” – Don Moen.  This song has affected many lives around the world.

This song reminds me of the film we watched during the Easter period this year at home; “The Robe”.  In one of the scenes there was a man that was rescued from being imprisoned, these men and women who rescued him  kept him in a secure place at their Father’s house.   He was hidden behind a panel in the wall of this house for some time. There came when those who captured him came searching for him in the house where they suspected he was, but they did not find him so they left.

To our amazement, we saw something protruding from the wall, a door was in the wall! Soon we saw a man being carried out. Who do you think this man was? –  The captured man?  You were right. It was the missing man. The same man they had been searching for.  You know these Hollywood films want to shock you with their sound effects. It was truly surprising!

At once I thought to myself.  You see, our lives are not that different from this film.  Many times it looks like there is no way forward for us, we look all around and there seems like there is no escape.  Then behold, a light shines through into our dark place and suddenly a way is now made for us in places we least expect.  You see, God prepares a table before us in the presence of our enemies.  The man was among them, but hidden safely in the care and wisdom of the people.

God is the architect of our lives. So when life seem to be challenging and things are stacked against us, remember God is the owner of the house, He is our Father and we are safe in the arms of Jesus.

You may be going through marital challenges and you’re thinking it’s over!  Perhaps you are facing financial difficulties, hold on God has his capable hands on the wheel.  Have you forgotten who provided food for the children of Israel in the wilderness?  He never fails, he is never late, but always on time and he always comes to your  aid at the right time –  call him and he will answer.  You may be thinking you are too frail for God to heal your health condition, I understand, but your circumstances are not as bad as Lazarus [John 11].  In this chapter Jesus rose Lazarus from the dead!

At times some of our circumstances that we go through are beyond our human explanation. That is why we have a God who is not intimidated by our challenges.  He loves us so much that He gave his Son Jesus Christ.  He created all things and there was nothing that existed that He did not create.

The only thing that God will not do in your life are the things that He has decided to leave in His own infinite Wisdom.

Even the inaction of God is God still in action in His wisdom.  “But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise” 1 Corinthians 1:27.

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways,” declares the Lord.   Isaiah 55:8.

“God Will Make a Way when there seems to be no way” – Don Moen

Are you going through a dark situation at the moment?  Would you like someone to join you in prayer?

Leave a message and let us trust God to perfect His will in your life.

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