Do You Have a Goal or Wish?

Knowing what you have in your hand and knowing what you want in your life, are the first steps that differentiates you between success and failure.

Someone once said,

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

A goal is the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result.

Do you have a goal? Some people wish to obtain a degree so that they have more opportunities of having a successful career and have more job opportunities.

Others are ambitious about wanting to be successful in there business ventures, so that they will be able to give back to there family and community.

While others are in search of their Mr or Mrs Right so they are to build a life with someone.

Follow me now;

Imagine you are at home watching your best TV programme and immediately a thought creeps in. This thought demands that you go into town and purchase a gift for your loved one that is getting married tomorrow.

What will you expect to do at that point?

Before reading below. Write out your plan of action in a note pad and see how it matches with what I have below.

Now that you’ve done it, read on and let’s see…

  • You will think of the way to go isn’t it?. Driving or walking? if there are different ways to get there, you might also want to consider the quickest and safest way to get there.
  • Since you have to buy a gift, don’t forget to plan for your wallet. You will need cash or card in the shop.
  • When are you going to the shop? This is important because this might not be a 24 hours shop.

Can you see what you’ve done? You have a plan of action. Whenever you have thought things through, there is a greater tendency for you to succeed.

We become what we think about…

Let’s see how you did…

Was your plan of action to the shop the same as mine? Let’s see what your trail of thought is like in the comments box below.

If your thought is different from mine, don’t worry. We are all learning today, so we can become better people tomorrow.

Let’s go on…

You’ve given detailed thought to something as small as a gift, and taking time and critical steps to follow it through in achieving your purchase.

How much more are we supposed to be planning for our goals; like marital goals, health goals, spiritual goals, academic pursuits and relationships, etc?

Many tend to leave this to chance but the cost is more than they bargain for.

Let’s look at it in another way;

Can you imagine what would have happened, when that same thought crossed into your mind, when you are watching that interesting TV program of yours. You then decided to ignore it and wait to  finish watching the program in another hour?

Unfortunately, when you’ve finished watching your program, the gift store is now closed for the day.

Perhaps you are like some, who will easily not fall for the temptation of watching the TV program, but run out immediately to the shop because they have to take action.

It is a good thing to be goal driven, but you have forgotten your wallet that contains your bank card.

Planning is a vital part of our pyramid of success.

You don’t want to go through this and I am sure this is not your case.

Have you now discovered what you have? Is it a Goal or Wish?

  • Have a plan to reach your goal
  • Write it down on paper.
  •  Keep that paper in a place you can see it.
  • Set small daily baby steps to achieve it.
  • Don’t forget to pray to God daily about those goals.
  • Take action.

The goals might seem big now, but soon you will look back and see what you have achieved with the help of God.

Taking action is crucial. Prayer alone can not help and working without prayer can not help either.

Don’t make your plans based on your bank account.

Dream big and expect it daily as a mother expects the arrival of her child.

Take those baby steps towards your goals, this is very important.

Don’t be afraid and don’t be ashamed. Run away from procrastinating like you would run from a burning building.

Fear, shame and procrastination have come to steal, kill and destroyed many goal and vision before their time.

It is your life, go for it and make it happen in Jesus name.

Don’t forget, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”


Now You Know What To Do.

Buy a note pad and pen.

Discover the desire.

Write it out.

Pray about it daily.

Have a plan to reach your goal.

Write daily plans to reach your goals.

Take action.

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the club of achievers.

If you need help at any stage of the journey, don’t hesitate to contact me at;

Please share and comment below; your comment and suggestions are very much appreciated.

Let us know how this has helped you in any way. Thank you.

Rediscovering and maximising your potential… 

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